Thursday, 16 July 2015

Jan-June 2015

Unbelievable, survived another season of Aikikai. Each year I feel that I cant stomach to go back but I've been with this club so long. Maybe that's not a good reason to continue attending a venue which is a purga! I did enjoy another venue I attended but it is too inconvenient with time and traffic. unfortunate!
Never the less, I did a grading, more so to self check my techniques and make a conscious effort to bring features to awareness. My joy is just to engage in the combat, politely sequenced at the dojo.
There is an Aikido near me but they don't forward roll. I do have a preference for Aikikai because it allows capturing energy flows and movement without stagnating the movement with step by step instruction. Anyway below a poem that came out of the experience. I guess I get pissed off when people like to explain aspects I learnt 10 or more years ago.

Helpful people

helpful people like to rule the roost
quick to identify imperfections
to cook the goose
chard and flavoured with their pride
bewilder you aboard a magic carpet ride
where ego dwells to haunt the cove
disguising honour with goodwill

 accept their help
for they know better
their advice is what matters
they don’t wait to be asked                                 
pray for feebleness
prance to mark
lance authority from the shining knight
compromising your intelligence to their inferiority

a shoulder of comfort to support the cripple
but really they’d like to suck your nipple
strip you naked
so they can educate ur ignorance
respect their piety
accept their pity

so put your ego aside
and fuel their pride
helpful people dont need to be asked
they offer goodwill
ram goodness with god's lightening charge

Systema time