Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Neglect of post is conscious bearing
So it is Aug 2018
managing to train Judo and yoga but knee feels worst for wear unless I strap it and that prevents certain movement. Judo is very casual but off balancing is of interest and many techniques I could still learn to keep me active. Finding my own ways thru the combat is a challenge.
MM has a new program which introduces dance to the schedule
Just to remind u all, I'm still doing it all

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

The end of 2017and still have not posted.
I managed a month of Systema and back to Judo saturday mornings.
Great to be training again but very wary of the knee. Will do some Aikido next year but will certainly miss Aikikai as it is my preferred style. Rolling backwards and forward as an escape is an artistic skill. Once , when heavy armour was worn, it was probably the only way warriors, Oopps Samurais, managed to get back up after they were knocked down.

Managing to teach Magic Movements again but will venture into different programs and activity in the new year.......perhaps a little alternative

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Already Oct 2016
Had a very eventful year in martial arts

Back into Judo,

 still find the challenges in technique, movement and off balance. I wonder why I like the armbars and strangles when I really wont be teaching or using them. Well, it is still part of knowledge and understanding which converts to developing my practice.

Russian Systema 

managed a month August. I'm sure I had a hairline fracture in the upper rib due to not wearing a push punch, letting it penetrate. I guess I wasn't expecting the intensity. Having a fight with two monsters ie the lemon tree and kiwi vine didn't help the healing but all is well now and the monsters flourishing. Was also great to refresh tactics like face smears
Went to Aikido summer school in Tassie and did Tenchi farm, We still did all the training eventhough evacuated because of bushfires. At summer school I did the last 2 days with the Japanese guests...very detailed lectures, I would have liked more practice. I
spent the next 4 months at different dojos from my regular....good experience but difficulty with distance and time.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

June 2015- Jan 2016
So both Systema (1mth) and Judo (5months) season passed last year and I haven’t written a word.

My annual month of Systema was great training; applying the wave to dissipate and project energy into force. Having to receive strikes that penetrate is tough but a welcomed experience. Also the warm-ups…. tensing, release and breath control have much significance for me.

I always feel perhaps Judo is not relevant to me at my age and don t compete but it’s challenge and the myriad of throwing, tripping, sweeping techniques still makes it interesting. This year, I was thown off the deep end having to skip a grade and so perform more techniques. Also learning the names of techniques in grading is a worthwhile task as names hold keys, if you understand their meaning. I guess the skipping of a grade was due to my years of experience with the club. I can’t walk on my hands but I can certainly strangle or arm bar an opponent. As for the handstands, I may get the incentive to take on the challenge. Being a Capricorn I prefer my legs grounded to balance.

It is Aikikai season and a very difficult year it is going to be. I have to change dojos because I dont feel appreciated or welcome. This means my routines will change and travel time and cost will increase, an unwanted necessity…. Another impediment to continue grading. Since Oct I have undergone much stress due to allegations.

I nearly didn’t go to summer school in Tassie but I had already made plans with a couple of friends.

I attended 2 days of summer school with the Japanese Shihan Kuboto. The seminars were listening intensive rather than practical, there was a little practice. Hearing the difference in interpretation of Aikido was worthwhile,  focus on the details of the basic stance, ( hamoni) and laughter is the best medicine. DO I NEED A LAUGH! Tenchi farm training was also great with Shihan Tony Smibert, The Belguim Shihan, Lui, and the other senior teachers. Executing variations is daring to find the samurai, even if Iam a Ninja!

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Jan-June 2015

Unbelievable, survived another season of Aikikai. Each year I feel that I cant stomach to go back but I've been with this club so long. Maybe that's not a good reason to continue attending a venue which is a purga! I did enjoy another venue I attended but it is too inconvenient with time and traffic. unfortunate!
Never the less, I did a grading, more so to self check my techniques and make a conscious effort to bring features to awareness. My joy is just to engage in the combat, politely sequenced at the dojo.
There is an Aikido near me but they don't forward roll. I do have a preference for Aikikai because it allows capturing energy flows and movement without stagnating the movement with step by step instruction. Anyway below a poem that came out of the experience. I guess I get pissed off when people like to explain aspects I learnt 10 or more years ago.

Helpful people

helpful people like to rule the roost
quick to identify imperfections
to cook the goose
chard and flavoured with their pride
bewilder you aboard a magic carpet ride
where ego dwells to haunt the cove
disguising honour with goodwill

 accept their help
for they know better
their advice is what matters
they don’t wait to be asked                                 
pray for feebleness
prance to mark
lance authority from the shining knight
compromising your intelligence to their inferiority

a shoulder of comfort to support the cripple
but really they’d like to suck your nipple
strip you naked
so they can educate ur ignorance
respect their piety
accept their pity

so put your ego aside
and fuel their pride
helpful people dont need to be asked
they offer goodwill
ram goodness with god's lightening charge

Systema time


Monday, 16 February 2015

July - Dec Judo session 2014

The latter part of 2014 was dedicated to Judo. Chris was only there for the my first 2 weeks. He has started a club of his own. All the faces were new at Western Judo as I had missed 2013.
I fear randori as my knee dislocates from a previous injury there. When it does, no matter how slightly, I can feel the injury for a few weeks...probably soft tissue bruising.
We have a champion instructor again. I enjoy the difference in training from previous instructors as each has a favoured technique to extends my knowledge and precision. Females are few and far between but at least there was one other. I was awarded another yellow belt. This is my second at this club. Status and respect is so dependent on belts at most martial arts;years of experience don't seem to matter too much.

Decided to do a week of Vin tsun, which I would formally call Wing Chun. Some introductory classes to re-awaken awareness of the concepts. Elbows in and forward intention in readiness for the opportune time to strike, seems to be the focus of the week. Elbows-in is also important in conserving force for a direct linear strike rather than loosing power with round about strikes which need shoulder power. Elbows-in allows hip power to generate the strike. Also you can control a person by directing their elbows as done in Aikido

Next week I begin Aikikai but have decided to change the class I will regularly attend.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Another season of Aikikai ends in disappointment

July 2014
Finished my annual Aikido season(6 months) in June, disappointed in myself and the club. I was hoping to do another grading but was messed around with the recommendation. I had discussed the recommendation at the start of my season (Jan) and I thought it was approved.  Unfortunately he wasn’t present to sign my papers the week before grading and didn’t turn up to the grading. Having to run around to find someone to sign on the day was quite embarrassing. I felt a discrimination and treated with no regard. I had not organised anyone else. Considering I arrange my timetable to attend his class weekly, I would expect some respect as an adult and having trained with this club for over 15yrs, known them 25 yrs. Respect due  would be to discuss the matter. I wont be attending his classes again. I train regularly, at least twice a week for double classes. For the last month before the grading, I trained up to 4 times a week, double classes.

Aikikai has a weird way of grading people. You have to put yourself forward and request to grade. No-one encourages you and most feedback is derogatory rather than beneficial. I wonder if that’s the way of the warrior, being a masculine domain. I consider myself quite proficient at this martial art. Often when I train with people I feel they perform the orchestrated movements but have no control over their uke (opponent). Admittedly, to perform Aikido, there needs to be a degree of co-operation.  It is not a self defence or for street fighting. It is truly an art form derived from the battle field of samurais with swords. I guess that’s what I love about it; capturing people’s energy and disposing of them. I look for the martial, control and combat in the techniques. I feel in control.

Went to Mount Hotham weapons training in April 2014

A poem for  the Hotham sunrise training

And so once again upon mountain summit
the warriors swing swords and strike sticks
 in orchestrated combat for glory of the samurai
slicing thru the clouds along forsaken ground
ascending, descending over clumps of grass, furrows
perhaps stepping over burrows
 in chase of their uke
who’s at their swords mercy
They brave the cold and dark ending night
trampling through the breath of a  blowing wind
 to roost in silent meditation
hoping for a glimpse at the sungod’s wake of day
But the fog smothers the dawn peek into a bed of smoke
upon a sheltered slope we engage in pretend battle
aikidoka dont bear their chest this year
rather shed the coldbite
sipping delightful red wine
reminince in the cosy shelley