Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Were all in covid19 locked out of our activities...training being one of my most valued.
February I was very appreciative to Wing Chun Bing Fa Kung Fu Academy for allowing me a month of training to see if I was upto it, having aged somewhat and injury  since I was a Wing Chun student. It has been many years since I trained William Cheong style Wing Chun. The repetitive drills instill a standard defence finishing with a direct bombardment of continuous blows. Still there is always value in learning different strikes (sao) and strategic applications. Wing Chun has a name for every form of the hand and how it can strike. I found that standing thru-out entire sessions a little difficult for my back. Perhaps there will be another time if they allow a sporadic student.I still hold wing chun concepts very central to my strategies.
never fight force with force, centreline...watching the elbow needs much more work from me.

I attended one session back at Aikido before we were all home grounded for our own health and more so that of others.

Really looked for a new club for judo last year but maybe I'll have to die my hair for youth. Not such a good idea as I dont need any more injuries from that sport. Perhaps I could assist with children.

In my isolation, I'm maintaining my yoga practices to develop asana progressions from simpler posture to more challenging versions. Half heartedly doing the arm balances as well

Monday, 19 August 2019

Forgot folks, always forget to enter my yoga training, teaching. So because of the knee and foot injury, I've decided to start working on my hands. Very foreign for me who has been very balanced on my feet. I under took a series of arm balance sessions. My biggest obstacle is desiring to work on my hands rather than feet. I'm working on it, occasionally!

Monday, 12 August 2019

 I started training with a new aikido club, perhaps March-July. Very apprehensive about eye moreso than knee and foot but by July I felt like an aikidoka again; confident that the rolling wouldn't affect the lens in the eye. A youthful club and somewhat objectionable to be regarded a junior, never the less it is advantageous to go back to basics especially with the training variations and my deductions of the differences. A lesson in humility is worth regarding. I hope I get better at it. Tis difficult to crawl when you can prance; pretend ignorance when you've been training these arts as long as I have. I appreciate that only the wise will learn from me whilst engaging in the orchestrated combat.

Back to Judo and I'm avoiding lifting people. I feel comfortable in the basic throws and trips. Have to gain language again. Pokes in the eye are a hazzard, yet I've done that myself in niwaza randori. Very cautious of the injuries until I get confident again and I hope someone reminds me of my limits; as I tend to add another injury, Aging is another precaution, I should admit to myself.

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Neglect of post is conscious bearing
So it is Aug 2018
managing to train Judo and yoga but knee feels worst for wear unless I strap it and that prevents certain movement. Judo is very casual but off balancing is of interest and many techniques I could still learn to keep me active. Finding my own ways thru the combat is a challenge.
MM has a new program which introduces dance to the schedule
Just to remind u all, I'm still doing it all

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

The end of 2017and still have not posted.
I managed a month of Systema and back to Judo saturday mornings.
Great to be training again but very wary of the knee. Will do some Aikido next year but will certainly miss Aikikai as it is my preferred style. Rolling backwards and forward as an escape is an artistic skill. Once , when heavy armour was worn, it was probably the only way warriors, Oopps Samurais, managed to get back up after they were knocked down.

Managing to teach Magic Movements again but will venture into different programs and activity in the new year.......perhaps a little alternative

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Already Oct 2016
Had a very eventful year in martial arts

Back into Judo,

 still find the challenges in technique, movement and off balance. I wonder why I like the armbars and strangles when I really wont be teaching or using them. Well, it is still part of knowledge and understanding which converts to developing my practice.

Russian Systema 

managed a month August. I'm sure I had a hairline fracture in the upper rib due to not wearing a push punch, letting it penetrate. I guess I wasn't expecting the intensity. Having a fight with two monsters ie the lemon tree and kiwi vine didn't help the healing but all is well now and the monsters flourishing. Was also great to refresh tactics like face smears
Went to Aikido summer school in Tassie and did Tenchi farm, We still did all the training eventhough evacuated because of bushfires. At summer school I did the last 2 days with the Japanese guests...very detailed lectures, I would have liked more practice. I
spent the next 4 months at different dojos from my regular....good experience but difficulty with distance and time.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

June 2015- Jan 2016
So both Systema (1mth) and Judo (5months) season passed last year and I haven’t written a word.

My annual month of Systema was great training; applying the wave to dissipate and project energy into force. Having to receive strikes that penetrate is tough but a welcomed experience. Also the warm-ups…. tensing, release and breath control have much significance for me.

I always feel perhaps Judo is not relevant to me at my age and don t compete but it’s challenge and the myriad of throwing, tripping, sweeping techniques still makes it interesting. This year, I was thown off the deep end having to skip a grade and so perform more techniques. Also learning the names of techniques in grading is a worthwhile task as names hold keys, if you understand their meaning. I guess the skipping of a grade was due to my years of experience with the club. I can’t walk on my hands but I can certainly strangle or arm bar an opponent. As for the handstands, I may get the incentive to take on the challenge. Being a Capricorn I prefer my legs grounded to balance.

It is Aikikai season and a very difficult year it is going to be. I have to change dojos because I dont feel appreciated or welcome. This means my routines will change and travel time and cost will increase, an unwanted necessity…. Another impediment to continue grading. Since Oct I have undergone much stress due to allegations.

I nearly didn’t go to summer school in Tassie but I had already made plans with a couple of friends.

I attended 2 days of summer school with the Japanese Shihan Kuboto. The seminars were listening intensive rather than practical, there was a little practice. Hearing the difference in interpretation of Aikido was worthwhile,  focus on the details of the basic stance, ( hamoni) and laughter is the best medicine. DO I NEED A LAUGH! Tenchi farm training was also great with Shihan Tony Smibert, The Belguim Shihan, Lui, and the other senior teachers. Executing variations is daring to find the samurai, even if Iam a Ninja!