Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Russian Systema

May 2013 I was in Siberia and trained Russian Systema.
This is a report that I wrote for the club

Russian Sistema
I have been very fortunate to train with Dimtri's Skogorev’s club

Training Systema in it's country of origin was of great value to my understanding of this combat system.

Background information on it's origin and lineage provided a history of the contemporary practices and masters

Tthe concept of the wave to generate energy and power has advanced  further an understanding, particularly of;

 1/ throwing strikes with the wave produced from the hips through the body core to the limbs (arms and legs) in fast and effective strike response.

2/ keeping limbs relaxed so they could be whipped out by the wave

3/allowing energy to be absorbed by the body and transferring it to attack

 focus of  training in Novosibirsk

∞musclular development and core strength was central to the fitness component of training

∞rolling and moving along the ground

∞responding to knife attacks and disarmament of opponent

∞defending attacks by a series of offensive movements

Awareness of improving certain skills

Training on a wooden floor brought  to mind .the importance of control in rolling rather than leaping into a roll and banging onto the floor . Bruising indicated where the floor was hit too hard

Continuous movement of lower arm from the elbow can generate strikes from many directions.

Covering of the opponents fist with your hand  gives an advantage to return a strike.

 The students at Novosibirsk were Inclusive and allowed training to your capacity. I received many gifts which made me feel appreciated and welcomed.
Accept my gratitude for allowing my participation.

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