Monday, 16 February 2015

July - Dec Judo session 2014

The latter part of 2014 was dedicated to Judo. Chris was only there for the my first 2 weeks. He has started a club of his own. All the faces were new at Western Judo as I had missed 2013.
I fear randori as my knee dislocates from a previous injury there. When it does, no matter how slightly, I can feel the injury for a few weeks...probably soft tissue bruising.
We have a champion instructor again. I enjoy the difference in training from previous instructors as each has a favoured technique to extends my knowledge and precision. Females are few and far between but at least there was one other. I was awarded another yellow belt. This is my second at this club. Status and respect is so dependent on belts at most martial arts;years of experience don't seem to matter too much.

Decided to do a week of Vin tsun, which I would formally call Wing Chun. Some introductory classes to re-awaken awareness of the concepts. Elbows in and forward intention in readiness for the opportune time to strike, seems to be the focus of the week. Elbows-in is also important in conserving force for a direct linear strike rather than loosing power with round about strikes which need shoulder power. Elbows-in allows hip power to generate the strike. Also you can control a person by directing their elbows as done in Aikido

Next week I begin Aikikai but have decided to change the class I will regularly attend.

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