Thursday, 4 February 2016

June 2015- Jan 2016
So both Systema (1mth) and Judo (5months) season passed last year and I haven’t written a word.

My annual month of Systema was great training; applying the wave to dissipate and project energy into force. Having to receive strikes that penetrate is tough but a welcomed experience. Also the warm-ups…. tensing, release and breath control have much significance for me.

I always feel perhaps Judo is not relevant to me at my age and don t compete but it’s challenge and the myriad of throwing, tripping, sweeping techniques still makes it interesting. This year, I was thown off the deep end having to skip a grade and so perform more techniques. Also learning the names of techniques in grading is a worthwhile task as names hold keys, if you understand their meaning. I guess the skipping of a grade was due to my years of experience with the club. I can’t walk on my hands but I can certainly strangle or arm bar an opponent. As for the handstands, I may get the incentive to take on the challenge. Being a Capricorn I prefer my legs grounded to balance.

It is Aikikai season and a very difficult year it is going to be. I have to change dojos because I dont feel appreciated or welcome. This means my routines will change and travel time and cost will increase, an unwanted necessity…. Another impediment to continue grading. Since Oct I have undergone much stress due to allegations.

I nearly didn’t go to summer school in Tassie but I had already made plans with a couple of friends.

I attended 2 days of summer school with the Japanese Shihan Kuboto. The seminars were listening intensive rather than practical, there was a little practice. Hearing the difference in interpretation of Aikido was worthwhile,  focus on the details of the basic stance, ( hamoni) and laughter is the best medicine. DO I NEED A LAUGH! Tenchi farm training was also great with Shihan Tony Smibert, The Belguim Shihan, Lui, and the other senior teachers. Executing variations is daring to find the samurai, even if Iam a Ninja!

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