Thursday, 20 October 2016

Already Oct 2016
Had a very eventful year in martial arts

Back into Judo,

 still find the challenges in technique, movement and off balance. I wonder why I like the armbars and strangles when I really wont be teaching or using them. Well, it is still part of knowledge and understanding which converts to developing my practice.

Russian Systema 

managed a month August. I'm sure I had a hairline fracture in the upper rib due to not wearing a push punch, letting it penetrate. I guess I wasn't expecting the intensity. Having a fight with two monsters ie the lemon tree and kiwi vine didn't help the healing but all is well now and the monsters flourishing. Was also great to refresh tactics like face smears
Went to Aikido summer school in Tassie and did Tenchi farm, We still did all the training eventhough evacuated because of bushfires. At summer school I did the last 2 days with the Japanese guests...very detailed lectures, I would have liked more practice. I
spent the next 4 months at different dojos from my regular....good experience but difficulty with distance and time.

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